Experts of FastHelix will develop the optimum scheme of work, minimize costs, and will plan comfortable work for each of partners. Deep understanding of all processes from transportation to the sale to the end consumer, and well experienced business, allow us to provide the following services:
consultation of clients on foreign economic activity
customs registration of cargo transportation across Russia
making of certificates, state registrations or declarations
making of export and transit documents.
support of the external economic transactions
One of the most important moments of transportation of freight across the border – customs procedures.
Customs registration of goods is a complex of obligatory actions which need to be made according to the current legislation when moving different and vehicles through border of the Russian Federation. It is the most important, difficult and responsible part of import process to the Russian Federation. In practice it’s hard to correspond for all customs rules even for professionals. In reality – the customs clearance of freights turns into a large number of actions which will allow to prove as a result to the official controlling and other public authorities validity of the announced customs value and the stated level of payments.
We offer the professional help in customs registration of freights: our company works so that all documentation, necessary for customs registration, was coordinated with customs before the goods start to move from supplier’s warehouse. Thus by the time of arrival of goods on a customs post the Declaration of goods is already made and process of registration and release the goods takes several hours (depending on the current load of a custom’s post). Customs registration (giving and release of Declaration) occur in electronic form. After release of goods we provide Declaration by e-mail, then together with the report in paper form.
The main regions of customs registration of our company are:
Moscow region
Smolensk region
St. Petersburg region
If necessary we can carry out customs registration of goods on any customs post.

The second moment in high-quality advance of a product is certification.
The certificate of conformity of products is made out or not made out as a result of tests of goods and rules of Customs union. When the products conform to all standards and requirements designated in technical regulations of the Customs union, it is considered suitable for sale to the end consumer. Execution of the certificate of conformity – must have procedure without which production and sale of goods and services is impossible.
With our help it is simple to receive the certificate of conformity as we undertake all process. As soon as you become the owner of the certificate, you will be able to mark products the corresponding quality mark. To make the certificate of conformity – means to show to the consumer that goods have a good quality and safe. Choosing between identical products, the consumer will give preference to what has a certificate.
With our help you will be able to receive the following certificates and permissions:
The certificate of conformity (GOST P, TR CU) on separate delivery / on the contract / on the manufacturer
Declarations of compliance for products
Certificate on the state registration
Fire certificate
Exemption letters, including termless
The other documents confirming compliance of products
Assistance in carrying out tests of products in the accredited laboratory
Consultation on questions of confirmation of compliance
All certificates are made out according to the existing rules and in the shortest possible time.