More than 5 years we provide high-quality services of warehousing
Processing of pallet, boxed parcels and single items
The automatic process for reception, storage and shipping the goods
Mainly shelf storage of goods
The highly skilled personnel which are constantly undergoing internal training and certification
An available entrance with MKAD and from Leningradskoye Highway, with a convenient entrance and unloading of large motor transport and the 24/7 reception of freight

All process of our work with the client can be divided into several steps:

1 step – The freight preparation for export from the country. Our staff carry out all necessary works for further import: reception of freight, its resorting and recalculation, change of labels and preparation of documents. Freight is prepared according to the established standards and specifications on products which is working in the destination country.

2 step – Transportation and customs registration (see Section 5)

3 step – Delivery the freight to the destination. If the destination is our warehouse then it’s received several checks begins:
– We check quantity and quality of the arrived goods – marriage and defects will be recorded and transferred to you in the form of a photo and video.
– If freight needs to be prepare for a sale – we will put needed stickers, barcodes, also we can re-pack the goods if needed.

4 step – Storage. In our warehouse mainly shelf storage of goods is used. Therefore dust and dirt will not spoil packing and goods, also, they will not be damaged or lost. The warehouse is under video control, at the entrance of the territory there is a checkpoint for safety control. The automatic processes of shipping allow you to check the stock of the goods at any time.

5 step – Shipping. We work with the wholesale companies and big online marketplaces such as: Ozon or Wildberries. Also we interact with any online stores and small enterprises in offline.
If you have an online store, for you there is an opportunity to automate all business processes by using of the API interface, so work becomes more conveniently and quicker. It is possible to take orders without the assistance of the operator and to obtain data on readiness of shipment.

Also we provide the dropshipping service. Using this service, we will be able to send retail orders directly for end consumers, passing your warehouse and/or office that will allow to save time and money.
What gives our service?
We can use your signature packing
We can prepare and print advertising materials by your inquiry
We can put any necessary materials in boxes and packing by your inquiry
We can provide services in packing of freight including gift package.
We can send goods directly to your client through the transport or express company