Already for 5 years we are providing transportation services from all around the world – Europe, Asia or USA. We always take care about expences of our clients that’s why we are offer best routes and rates for our partners. Each of our partnerships builds on individual needs and requirements of our client. All of your requests are very important for us and we trying to do best to satisfy your inquiry.

One-time and periodic international cargo transportation is carried out by different types of transportation:
air transportation
freights by trucks
sea container transportation
rail transportation

Experts of FastHelix do everything for you: working out the logistic chain, carry out of customs registrations, organize delivery services all around the world including Russia. Also we are providing the full service of outsource warehouse inside Russia and Europe. (see section 2)

Besides the main objectives of delivery and transportation the goods, our services include:
• delivery of combined freights “from a door to a door”;
• sending (forwarding) international freights;
• organization of multimodal transportation;
• customs registration of the freights ;
• support of the external economic transactions;
• certification and insurance of freights;
we provide and manage supply chain solutions for many companies every day – from the small family run business to the large global corporation.